THE OMOTENASHI SPIRIT – Building the quality of Japanese style service

    If understanding the spirit of Omotenashi and applying it scientifically, Vietnamese businesses will create a great competitive advantage in the market. In particular, Vietnam has a community culture, kindness, appreciation for kindness and hospitality as well as a good initial foundation for the application of Omotenashi.

However, Omotenashi must come from the heart and sometimes the expression of Vietnamese businesses is not deep enough and sophisticated as Japanese. Therefore, the application of this art in service and business culture in Vietnam must be very delicate and continuous if you want to achieve sustainable development and bring real business efficiency. Like the staff will feel happiest after each customer service is when hearing: “Thank you, we are really touched!”; “What a surprise!”; “Oh, I didn’t expect there to be such a beautiful beauty!” Or “So thoughtful, thank you!” …, the Omotenashi spirit measure is touching and remembers the times together, helping the two to bloom. Smile happily.

We will provide courses so that you can better understand the spirit of Omotenashi and can apply this art in the deepest, sophisticated and most sustainable way, to bring real business results to enterprise.


Introducing the Omotenashi Spirit - The art of hospitality with all your heart.

  • What is omotenashi.
  • How to express the spirit of Omotenashi service.
  • Omotenashi implementation process.
  • Practical examples of famous Omotenashi in the world.

Japanese 5S quality management model

With the concept, if working in a healthy, clean, airy and convenient environment, the spirit will be more comfortable, the labor productivity will be higher and have conditions for the application of a management system. More efficient quality.

The miraculous teamwork method Ho-Ren-So of Japan

Horenso is a communication tool applied in order to optimize communication efficiency and the secret of effective Japanese teamwork.

The art of public speaking

Under the guidance of Mr. Yuji Konno, the art of public speaking course helps students to receive empathy and attention from listeners and apply the ability to speak from heart to heart, leaving a deep impression. sharp in the heart of the listener.

Leadership training

Orient knowledge about expertise and skills, attract others through their lifestyle, create trust and admiration of employees.



For management at all levels, employees on customer relations, service management & operations in businesses in the field of manufacturing, services, restaurant chains ...


Based on the practical needs of the units, Rensei will design the appropriate training program: For example, hourly, periodic, monthly, quarterly and yearly training programs...


1. Training at the ordering units
2. Training at the main campus of Rensei: 49 Mac Dinh Chi, P. Dakao, District 1, TP. HCM


Yuji Konno

– General Director of Rensei Vietnam.

– 20 years as a teacher, has trained more than 10 thousand students.

– Participate in many seminars and lectures related to education in the family.

– Omotenashi certificate of Japan promotion association.

Lê Văn Hùng

– General Manager at Rensei Vietnam.

– Bachelor of Sociology in Vietnam, Bachelor of Philosophy in Japan.

Okuyama Yusuke

– Rensei Vietnam Manager

– Bachelor of Education Studies