Do you want to win others’ hearts as a leader?

You have difficulties in your undetermined management style ?

Want to find a companion in management?

This course will guide your professional knowledge, skills, attract others through the lifestyle of leaders, thereby creating trust and admiration from employees.

1/ Course Overview 

Course duration: 60 minutes

Languages: Japanese and Vietnamese

Coaches: Yuji Konno, Le Van Hung, Okuyama Yusuke

Training methods: On request

Certificates: Rensei certifies

2/ Objectives

To explain correctly the importance of leadership.

To explain, evaluate the secret of recklessness to win kindness.

To set up a plan to build their own apical style.

3/ Who may attend the course?

Manufacturing businesses, hospitality and logistics companies, organizations or  individuals who:

– Focus on customer care and corporate culture.

– Love Japanese culture and the spirit of hospitality.

– Work in Japanese culture work environment

– Need skill-based certificates at work.

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