Under the guidance of Mr. Yuji Konno, the art of public speaking course helps students to gain empathy, concern from listeners and apply the ability to speak from heart to heart, leaving a deep impression. sharp in the heart of the listener.

1/ Course Overview 

Course duration: 60 minutes

Languages: Japanese and Vietnamese

Coaches: Yuji Konno, Le Van Hung, Okuyama Yusuke

Training methods: On request

Certificates: Rensei certifies

2/ Objectives

To contemplate and control emotions when speaking in public.

To apply basic principles for good communication.

To practise listening and questioning skills.

To discuss and evaluate certain case studies of public speaking.

3/ Subjects

3/ Who may attend the course?

Manufacturing businesses, hospitality and logistics companies, organizations or  individuals who:

– Focus on customer care and corporate culture.

– Love Japanese culture and the spirit of hospitality.

– Work in Japanese culture work environment

– Need skill-based certificates at work.

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