Practice the spirit of hospitality – Omotenashi

What is “shin-gi-tai”: “heart-technique-physique”?

In Japan, the term “heart” is often used when teaching martial arts such as judo and kendo. We can come across these words not only in martial arts but also in sports like baseball and soccer. “heart-technique-physique” represents three important factors about the player’s performance. In turn, “hear” is the mental and psychological power, “technique” is the technical and professional level of the player, “physique” is physical strength like muscular strength and endurance. These three factors are inseparable and always support each other for the best playing style. Therefore, it is important for athletes to exercise all three above elements in a balanced manner, instead of training any single factor.

Omotenashi and shin-gi-tai

“shin-gi-tai” is a very important word not only for martial arts and sports, but also for the spirit of hospitality – Omotenashi. Like the performance of athletes, hospitality brings excitement to customers through a balance of “heart-technique-physique”. The word “heart” in the Omotenashi hospitality is the feeling of always thinking for others. You change your action for the guest’s presence, with a pure heart that brings joy to the other person without expecting anything for your own reward.

Secondly, “technique” in hospitality Omotenashi is skillful as an expert in the field you work. Once you practice Omotenashi as an entrepreneur, the target audience will be no longer your family, friends but always a guest. Customers receive our services and products by paying for them. No matter how enthusiastic we are, if the service quality or product quality is low, customers will not be satisfied. In any profession, it is extremely important to have the awareness of professionals and the desire to improve their skills every day.

Finally, the “physique” of hospitality is our health. If we are not physically and mentally healthy, we cannot have true hospitality. If you are tired both physically and mentally due to your daily routine and long working hours, you will not be able to relax your mind. As a result, you have prioritized your interests and how to respond to customers gradually become habit, inertia, without real vitality.

In short, to create excitement with genuine hospitality, it is indispensable for the trio of “shin-gi-tai”. Practicing all three elements and turning them into action is the first step in Omotenashi hospitality.



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