“One opportunity – One encounter”

Cherish the opportunity once in a lifetime
Live fully with the heart of “One opportunity – One encounter”
Omotenashi and effectiveness

In Japan, a number of laws related to working style reform take effect on April 1st, 2019, so that not only large companies but also small and medium enterprises recognize the way workers work. Membership is also an important issue to manage. There are many different issues when changing working styles, and one of the particularly difficult issues is the long working hours of the employees. On the international level, working overtime in Japan is a serious problem, and there is a lot of news about deaths from overwork or suicide due to workplace stress. To address this problem, many changes have been made, such as the limitation of overtime and required rest periods under the revised law. By reducing the working hours under this law, employee productivity can be effectively improved. However, in terms of Omotenashi (hospitality), improving efficiency and increasing productivity are not the most important.

Correct awareness of effectiveness
In an age where innovation in the way work is done, efficiency is not to be missed to run a company. However, it is not the responsibility of employees in the workplace to be aware of efficiency. If the staff working directly with customers always takes the effectiveness of the first job, the hospitality Omotenashi may not be complete. Employees need to make a good impression with the best of their ability in front of their customers. Efficiency is an issue that executives and managers should consider, and it is important to create an environment where employees can naturally practice hospitality – Omotenashi for customers and be praised for doing that.

Do your best with your whole heart
“Ichigo – ichie” – “One opportunity- one encounter” is a word derived from tea ceremony. It means that during the meeting at the tea ceremony, with the mind of once meeting – wholeheartedly treating, both the host and the tea guests use the special heart – Omotenashi – at the highest possible level, thinking for the person being before him.
In business, there are so many requirements for efficiency that the customer response is based on processes so that all customers are provided the same service. However, this is not Omotenashi. The reciprocal according to available instructions, out of 100 customers, 99 people may be satisfied, but the remaining may not be satisfied. The nature of hospitality is “the most – the most”. By doing everything for a single meeting, 100 people will be able to respond 100 ways and this will become true Omotenashi hospitality and make a good impression on customers.

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