In 2018, Rensei Vietnam conducted a series of Japanese hospitality spirit training courses for Mai Linh Group’s drivers.

The courses aims at

  • Providing drivers with the knowledge and skills to become DRIVER WITH THE PROVISION OF SERVICE AT THE HEART – Omotenashi
  • Strengthening the basic principles of driving: “Attitude, behavior, manners”

  1. The Omotenashi content of the course is about:
  • Omotenashi concept
  • The nature of Omotenashi
  • Practical examples
  • Expression
  • Appearance
  • Greetings
  • Practice
  • Exchange business cards
  • Practice
  • Telephone
  • Responsibilities of the driver.
  • Check vehicles daily and before driving.
  • Realistic situations

2. About the basic principles of driving, we provided some tips for drivers:

  • Drive carefully, decisively and proactively.
  • Do not exceed the allowed speed.
  • Understand your route and customers.
  • Although in a hurry, always put safety first.
  • Serving customers with all their heart.

Drivers who were qualified for the requests of the course were rewarded certificates by Rensei Vietnam.

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